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Fair Winds Farm

Celebrating more than 37 years of diversified, horse-powered family farming.


We offer draft horse workshops,
hay & sleigh rides,
and we have organic eggs for sale in our farm store.

Photo (c)2005 Walter Fogg

<FONT SIZE=2> <a href="index.html">Home</a><br> <a href="about.html">About Fair Winds Farm</a>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="calendar.html">Event Calendar</a>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="draftHorses.html">Draft Horses</a><br> <a href="dHWorkShops.html">Draft Horse Workshops</a>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="haySleigh.html">Hayrides & Sleighrides</a>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="perennials.html">Perennials</a>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="store.html">Meat, Produce, & Eggs</a>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="equipment.html">Horse Drawn Equipment</a><br> <a href="draftHorsePhotos.html">Draft Horse Photos</a>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="farmPhotos.html">Farm Photos</a><br> <a href="contact.html">Contact Us</a> </FONT> <BR> 511 Upper Dummerston Road <br /> Brattleboro, Vermont 05301 <br /> 802-254-9067 <br /> E-mail- Janet:<a href="mailto:fairwinds@fairwindsfarm.org">fairwinds@fairwindsfarm.org</a><br> Jay:<a href="mailto:fwj2bail@sover.net">fwj2bail@sover.net</a><br> <p><FONT SIZE=2><strong>Please stop by and visit us!</strong>